Cinema at Home


A dedicated home theater room significantly upgrades and refines the movie experience. Much more than simply a TV and speakers, a true home theater considers variables such as acoustics, lighting, and connectivity. It is not only functional but also experiential in its aesthetics and quality. Here we will walk through some of the variables we consider when designing your home theater.

The Room


At Rare Homes, we begin each home theater installation with a detailed analysis of the room’s acoustics. Rectangular rooms tend to work best for sound projection; however with specialized equipment, we are able to map how sound travels throughout the room no matter the shape. We then determine the optimal locations for each of the speakers. The result is a home theater room that provides a truly immersive audio experience.

Floor and Walls

Carpeting is generally a good choice for the floor of a home theater room. Hard surfaces are not ideal for optimal sound, and are not considered as aesthetic in a room that should feel comfortable. 

The walls should be as dark as possible, as darker colors reflect less light which is advantageous for a bright screen. Regular drywall works as the wall material, though large sections should be broken up with accents or sound absorption panels to reduce sound reflection. The benefit of using sound absorption panels throughout the home theater room is that less sound will leak out into other areas of the home. 


The screen is the obvious focal point for any home theater room. Deceptively simple at first glance, there are a number of variables to consider when choosing a theater screen. When selecting a screen, the optimum angle, distance, and viewing height should be considered. Projectors tend to have the advantage when it comes to size, and are the most popular option for a dedicated theater room. 

Smart Home Automation

Consider integrating the latest in smart home automation technology in your home theater installation. Items to automate include lighting, audio video, voice controls, shades, and more. No more fiddling with different remotes, manually adjusting the lights, or spending what could otherwise be movie time setting up and adjusting the theater room. Through your phone or tablet, simply select ‘Movie Mode’, sit back, and relax as your home theater sets itself up for you within seconds.


As a design-first home services firm, Rare Homes can create a truly experiential home cinema experience for you and your family. From the accent and color selection, to highly bespoke designs that challenge the imagination, we have the expertise to craft something special.

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